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A Desirable Place, Lugar de Anhelo, is a social housing design that proposes an example of versatile living systems that can adapt to future urbanization. It can provide a community-based solution with care of details to the imminent city capacity problems.

innovative social housing
Santa Clara, United States / 2022



floating refugee shelter
Cambodia / 2020.03 - 2021

Chohchat is a co-operative living space proposed as assistance for floating refugee communities located in Cambodia and Thailand. Chohchat encourages sharing of activities and infrastructure to help build up community relationships and provide the space and storage for activities and shared belongings.



thematic fine dinning
Los Angeles, United States/ 2020.09 - 2021

Asterism’s is a sensory based, unconventional fine dinning restaurant, founded in partnership with chef Grant Achatz. The goal is to reintroduce the tasting experience through a sense of wonder and adventure  through an immersive paradigm-shifting journey enhanced with multimedia stimulation so curious guests can relish and explore the scintillations of an extraordinary fine dining experience.



educational exhibition
Los Angeles, United States/ 2020.03 - 09

Estación Colibrí is a multi-location exhibition [spons-ored by LA Metro + Bird] with the goal of encouraging more people to take public transportation. We propose a rapid transit system between the bus/metro station and people’s destinations.

This would result in a shared open space within separ-ated neighborhoods, a gathering place that would enh-ance people’s participation in communities. This would improve the quality of city life.



material experiment + rammed earth
China / 2020.03 - 09

Grounded tiles are a line of earthen products that bring grounded environment, connected to nature and culture, into living space and develop character overtime. Grounded expresses the timeless connection humans have to land, and emphasizes the inherent truth of natural materials, and the beauty of earth's form.



mobile vaccination clinic
Los Angeles, United States / 2021.09-2020.03

CARE is a mobile vaccination clinic to serves communities by building trust through a welcoming and friendly environment.

CARE cooperate with partners to holds pop-up event to bring vaccine resources to understand communities. We are devoted to assisting communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area that have yet to develop trustworthy relationships with their healthcare providers.



residential office seating experience
China / 2020.03 - 09

What would be the new form of comfort for “working at home”? Taking the mid century shell furniture design, redesign the curve & form to provide more intimate, warm and relaxing feeling. Trying to reminds the feeling of being touched and connected - the feeling of caress anf hug from your significant other.


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